Ryan Lewis

Synthetic Environment Developer & 3D Generalist based in UK

3D Artist and Synthetic Environment Developer, working for Collins Aerospace UK, a subsidiary to Raytheon Technologies, as a Synthetic Environment Developer.

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Available Now I am open for any form of 3D work whether freelance or permanent

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Phone 07713278919

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Address UK

I want nothing more than to work in 3D. Currently working as a Synthetic Environment Developer at Collins Aerospace has given me a keen insight to Synthetic Environments for simulators. I feel priveleged to be able to apply my games industry skills into simulation. I have worked at Collins over 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed and feel motivated to work everyday. Also, I am a Masters Graduate At Teesside University studying Computer Games Development.

Considering myself as an artist broaching the areas of traditional and digital art, I enjoy all kinds of themes and genre of games or movies. I tend to try to be as original as possible when creating concept art and 3D models, even if it’s a bit unusual. All forms of weapons, and particularly guns, appeal to me.

My previous study has been creating a realistic game environments as well as a convincing water shader within the Unreal Engine 4 and a study on how metal is affected by salt water. Other areas of interest involve looking into 3D work on trees and other plant life.


3D modelling
Digital Sculpting
Level Design
Game Development
Lighting Artist
Traditional Art
UI Design
Simple Scripting


3DS Max
Unity 5
Quixel Suite
Quixel Suite 2.0
Substance Painter 2.0
Unity 4
Next Engine
Torque 3D
Customer Service


Small Robot Company
Dragon Pinch
Just Trains
ILX Group


Collins Aerospace

Synthetic Environment Developer

Burgess Hill UK · 12.01.20 – Present

I currently work as an environment developer create models and textures and Importing them into the in-house IG ready for simulation. Alongside this role, I have taken up Character Animation for our airport models as well as taken up the role of Student Outreach. I am also a member of the wellness committee in between bouts of charity work I’ve been involved with.



Remote · 14.11.2015 – Present

I occasionally do freelancing work, ranging from 3D modelling, product design, rendering, game engine work.

Rockwell Collins

Synthetic Environment Developer

Burgess Hill, UK · 12.03.18 – 12.01.20

I currently work as an environment developer create models and textures and Importing them into the in-house IG ready for simulation.


Checkout Assistant (Part-Time)

Regent Street, London · 17.03.17 – 03.03.18

In order to survive, I worked in Tesco’s on a part-time basis, working in Checkouts during the night and Freelancer 3D in the day. Also had some experience as a Cash Clerk.


Marketing Co-ordinator (Part-Time)

China · 02.01.18 – 02.03.18

I worked with a company that deals with letting agencies in the UK for Chinese international students to come to the UK to study.

Teesside University

International Buddy

Middlesbrough · 04.06.16 – 12.09.16

Supported international students coming to the University to learn English which would then allow them to move onto their chosen course.

Lead and organised trips, completed administrator work, Document checks and supported students with their learning English process.

Travellers Tales


Cheshire, Wilmslow · 10.07.14 – 24.07.14

Work place experience within Travellers Tales, gaining invaluable feedback and advice for my collaboration there.

ILX Group

Junior R&D

Cheshire, Nantwitch · 08.04.14 – 22.04.14

Worked in a temporary role as a type of developer whereby I collaborated closely with the Research department to create a revision game. It was called “Newton’s Apples” and was designed as a fun questionnaire game tied in with space invader like game play. I managed to get together a working prototype within the two weeks working there whilst having daily input from the team.


Teesside University

MA in Computer Games Development

Middlesbrough, GB · 20.09.15 – 02.09.16

This masters degree was an intense study in 5 key areas of today’s video games development as well as a personal project to round my skills as a 3D artist.

Game Prototyping
Game Development
Business studies And Project Management
Rapid Application Development
Game Mechanics

Achieved: 2:1

Teesside University

BA in Computer Games Art

Middlesbrough, GB · 18.09.12 – 25.05.15

This degree involved the overarching study behind the development of video games today. Topics covered were 3D Art, Level Design, Lighting, Animation, Design Documentation, Character Art, Vehicle Art, Environment Art, Scripting, History Of Video Games and 2 in depth group projects on making a functioning game / prototype.

Achieved: 2:1

West Cheshire College

BTec Game Development

Chester, GB · 20.09.10 – 14.05.12

A two year course of higher education in the field of computer games. Covered areas:
Portfolio Development
3D Modelling
Concept Art
Life Drawing
Use of UDK in Games development.

Achieved: Triple Distinction DDD


2018 Perfect Score on Kolbe A Test (Certificate), Kolbe Corp
This is a form of personality test which stated that my character is unique to only 5% of the population. A company did this check on me.
2015 Exceptional Presentation Skills Award, Teesside Univeristy
Was awarded after I enjoyed a full day from 8am-8pm presenting the project I worked on for 3 months to various audiences.


2015 Expo Tees (Solo), Darlington Campus, Darlington, GB
Presented my final year project work in front of members of the public, other students, lecturers and game industry members.